‘Lost Girl’ season five to be the show’s last

SyFy promo
SyFy promo

‘Lost Girl’ season five to be the show’s last

Anna Silk, who plays Bo on the Canadian show, “Lost Girl” announced that the upcoming season five will be the shows last season. Anna mentioned on EW that:

“Honestly, I thought we might get one more, but I knew that this could be the last season… It’s time, in a way. In terms of the story, I think we could have done another. But I’m happy that we’re saying goodbye in a particularly strong season, and I’m pleased that we’re gonna go out with a bang.”

Anna stated that season five will be a search to gt back Kenzi and to see if Bo ends up with Lauren or Dyson. She says that she wishes that Bo can see her true power as a human and a succubi. It has been confirmed that Bo goes to hell to try and rescue her friends and that the final season will be more action packed than normal and that it will go out with a bang!

Barbara Williams, Senior Vice President, Content, Shaw Media said,

“The massive popularity of Lost Girl is a testament to the inventive and hard-working team at Prodigy Pictures, the magnetic and talented cast and the most devoted and passionate fan base in Canadian television. We’re so proud that Showcase has been the home to this landmark series and we look forward to sharing these final 16 episodes with the show’s fans.”

The final season will be 16 episodes and begin on December 7th Canada but SyFy has yet to announce the cancellation or if they will even pick up the last season.

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