‘The Kitchen’ is cooking with danger

Vertigo Comics
Vertigo Comics

‘The Kitchen’ is cooking with danger

Vertigo Comics recently launched the new limited series “The Kitchen,” set in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood during the late ‘70s. This tale of the wives of Irish gang leaders was created by writer Ollie Masters and artist Ming Doyle (“Quantum and Woody”). The eight issue mini-series also features colors by the Eisner Award winning Jordie Bellaire and covers by Becky Cloonan (“Gotham Academy”).

“The Kitchen” #1 sets up what looks to be the incredibly compelling story of Kath, Raven and Angie. The three women are the wives of the top members of an Irish gang who have just been sent up the river after the brutal beating of a man outside a local pub. For the first time, all three bosses have been sent to prison at the same time and the women are forced to fend for themselves. Rather than struggle to get by until their husbands are back on the streets, Kath rallies Raven and Angie to pick up collecting for their husbands’ protection racket.

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