‘Earth 2 Wonder Woman’ is a figure of strength and grace

Credits: DCComics.com
Credits: DCComics.com

‘Earth 2 Wonder Woman’ is a figure of strength and grace

Continuing their line of “Earth 2” themed figures, DC Collectibles recently released the “DC ComicsThe New 52 Earth 2 Wonder Woman” action figure. Appearing early in the “Earth 2” comic book series, Earth 2 Wonder Woman is the current DC Universe’s re-imagining of the Golden Age Wonder Woman, The figure is based on the art of original series artist Nicola Scott with a sculpt by Karen Palinko.

Nicola Scott’s design is an excellent amalgamation of Wonder Woman’s early design and the darker times reflected in “Earth 2,” due to the long war against Darkseid and his Apokoliptan minions. The classic skirt and eagle emblazoned across her chest are paired with armored elements, including boots and an arm guard to protect her non-sword arm. Speaking of swords, in addition to her trademark Golden Lasso of Truth, Earth 2 Wonder Woman brandishes a large broadsword. A broadsword so big it would take a larger man two hands to properly wield it, reflecting the Amazon’s great power.

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