‘Walking Dead’ director to helm break-out ‘Wonder Woman’ movie

Credits: AMC TV
Credits: AMC TV

‘Walking Dead’ director to helm break-out ‘Wonder Woman’ film

Emmy Award-winning director and producer Michelle MacLaren is signed on to direct “Wonder Woman” cites The Hollywood Reporter. A movie that is long-awaited by fans, propagates in 2017 queue out of Warner Bros.’superhero outline and branches actress Gal Gadot’s solo superheroine portrayal after “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Justice League“.

MacLaren will be directing Gal Gadot’s first starring lead in a major film. Gadot (“Fast and Furious 6”) spearheads a cast that has yet to be fully named, but has answered the so far largesse queries Wonder Woman fans have, such as suitability in the costume outlook.

MacLaren is best known for her multi-award noms and wins during her directorial and executive producer tenure on “Breaking Bad”. The two-time Producers Guild of America awards winner for Best Episodic Drama isn’t new to a fantasy based series. She equally holds current recognition for her work on HBO’s phenom spanning program “Game of Thrones”. The Canadian-born director also worked on AMC’s “The Walking Dead” and most recently on HBO’s “The Leftovers”.

And Wonder Woman proposes a myth based movie if held to DC Comics source material. Especially in her origin that is rooted to the Mount Olympus pantheon.

“Wonder Woman”, due premiering in 2017, is a coup along the versatile and prolific TV salient portfolio. This will be her genesis into directing a feature film for the Silver Screen.


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