New ‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ character portraits featured in ‘Vanity Fair’

Credits: Vanity Fair / Lionsgate
Credits: Vanity Fair / Lionsgate

New ‘Hunger Games: Catching fire’ character portraits featured in ‘Vanity Fair’

New character portraits from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire are being featured in the upcoming October issue of Vanity Fair magazine. Though not yet available on newsstands, images from the feature have popped up online thanks to some sharp-eyed fans.

The portraits our “test shots” from the “Capitol Portrait” series of posters that were released earlier this year, and feature images of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, Josh Hutcherson as Peeta, Liam Hemsworth as Gale, Sam Claflin as Finnick, and Elizabeth Banks as Effie.

The magazine will be available in New York and L.A. tomorrow, and nationally on September 10th.

Besides the new images (which you can view in the slideshow accompanying this article), the feature also includes an interview with director Francis Lawrence. He’s quoted:

One of the big overarching themes for all the books is the idea of the consequences of war, and one of the unfortunate consequences of war is post-traumatic stress … That’s one of the first things you see in the movie … [Katniss and Peeta are] changed people because of having been in the Games.

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View the slideshow

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Lionsgate to launch clothing line inspired by ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’

Credits: Lionsgate
Credits: Lionsgate

Lionsgate to launch clothing line inspired by ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’

Lionsgate announced Wednesday morning that it is teaming up with retailer Net-A-Porter to release an exclusive fashion line inspired by The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Costume designer Trish Summerville created the “Capitol Couture” clothing line, which includes 16 ready-to-wear pieces, along with jewelry and leather goods. The collection will be available exclusively from Net-A-Porter ahead of the November 22nd theatrical release of Catching Fire.

“I am extremely proud of the designs that we created for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and there’s no partner more appropriate for ‘Capitol Couture’ than the world’s most cutting-edge luxury retailer,” Summerville said. “I can’t wait to share it with the public.”

It may seem an odd partnership, especially to fans who cringed at the release of a nail polish collection inspired by the first Hunger Games movie in 2012 — considering part of the film’s message is to poke fun at those who obsess over beauty and fashion.

That said, Lionsgate seems confident that fans are eager to embrace the luxurious fashions embodied by the citizens of the Capitol in The Hunger Games stories.

“In the world of The Hunger Games, one of the ways the Capitol defines itself is through fashion,” Lionsgate CMO Tim Palen said. “When we launched Capitol Couture online, it took off and quickly became an out-of-world experience for both fans of the franchise and those obsessed with the future of fashion.”

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CoverGirl to launch collection inspired by ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’

Credits: CoverGirl
Credits: CoverGirl

CoverGirl to launch collection inspired by ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’

CoverGirl will represent the new look of “Capitol Couture” after announcing that it had teamed up with Lionsgate for the studio’s upcoming movie, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

This Fall, CoverGirl will launch an advertising campaign inspired by the film along with a new line of products from the “Capitol Collection,” created specifically for Catching Fire.

According to a press release, the film’s makeup department even used CoverGirl products to “create the film’s luxurious, high couture looks” for the actors.

“With The Hunger Games: Catching Fire partnership, we wanted to redefine cosmetics’ relationship to film with a fantasy-meets-reality beauty experience,” Esi Eggleston Bracey, VP and General Manager, Global P&G Cosmetics said in a press release. “All of us at CoverGirl were captivated by Suzanne Collins’ novels and the first film, so we’re thrilled to collaborate with Lionsgate on such a bold beauty partnership.”

Lionsgate VP of Promotions and Consume Products, Paula Kupfer, added: “Partnering with an innovative brand like CoverGirl to create an additional layer of beauty storytelling and inspiration for the fans is new territory that we’re delighted to explore.”

More updates about the Catching Fire collection from CoverGirl will be made through the cosmetics company’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

This isn’t the first forray into beauty products for The Hunger Games franchise, of course. Last year, Lionsgate teamed up with China Glaze to release a collection of nail polishes inspired by the first movie. The concept was met with mixed responses from fans, some of whom felt that the product tie-in conflicted with the overall message of the book.

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March of the Zombies V fashion show bigger and better than ever

Credits: Photo by Jess d'Arbonne
Credits: Photo by Jess d’Arbonne

March of the Zombies V fashion show bigger and better than ever

This weekend Denver zombiephiles and fashionistas alike were treated to the amazing annual spectacle that is March of the Zombies. The fifth annual show at the Grizzly Rock was an overwhelming success in spite of the driving snow and icy roads in Denver, making it the biggest and best in the event’s history.

March of the zombies organizer and founder of Creative to Bless, Summer Jackson, was thrilled with the reception on Saturday night. Jackson said of MOTZ5:

“Volunteers, performers and patrons really came through this year in a big way. I felt very blessed the whole time knowing that everyone ignored the snowpocalypse and came out anyways! This made me feel that MOTZ5 was protected with favor. I can only imagine what a snow free event next year will bring.”

An apocalyptic night for an apocalyptic theme. The driving creative inspiration behind the music, art, and fashion designs of March of the Zombies is, of course, everyone’s favorite undead monster.

Read my full review and see more pictures from MOTZ5 right here.

Designers Summer Jackson of C2B, Seven Seals Apparel, Broken Perception, Julio Alejandro Designs, and Parasite Eve Designs put their finest work on display on models made ghoulish by special effects makeup designers. Each model was fit for the set of “The Walking Dead”… and fabulous. Some models even sported full-body paint by artist Alan Anderson, transforming them into walking works of art.

Bands Flash Mob, Fallen & Forgotten, Lost Point, and headliner Reno Divorce kept the packed house on their feet the whole night long, while local artists displayed their zombie-inspired work.

If you go to one fashion show in Denver all year long, make it March of the Zombies. You’ll support innovative local creativity and have one helluva good time. And at the rate it’s going, next year’s MOTZ6 will be a party of apocalyptic proportions.

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Wedding dress collection inspired by ‘The Hunger Games’

Credits: Sophia Tolli
Credits: Sophia Tolli

Wedding Dress collection inspired by ‘The Hunger Games’

Australian wedding dress designer Sophia Tolli has given a nod to The Hunger Games with her Spring 2013 collection.

The dresses don’t necessarily look like they belong in the futuristic, dystopian series — but they are named after key characters and elements in the books and movies.

The gowns bear Hunger Games names like Mockingjay, Katniss, Effie, and Chariot, among others. (Via The Hob.)

Tolli isn’t the first in the wedding industry to find inspiration from The Hunger Games, however. Green Wedding Shoes, Style Me Pretty, and other websites have featured “inspiration shoots” of wedding themes that are based on The Hunger Games.

Of course, a wedding dress will be featured prominently in the upcoming sequel The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. As fans know (spoiler), Katniss is forced to go through with a public engagement to Peeta, and dons an elaborate wedding gown designed by Cinna to transform into a Mockingjay.

Earlier this year, it was rumored that Iris van Herpen would be the designer for Katniss’s wedding gown, but was later denied. Fans have imagined their own versions of the dress.

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‘The Hunger Games’ costume designer describes inspiration for the film’s outfits

Credits: Lionsgate
Credits: Lionsgate

‘The Hunger Games’ costume designer describes inspiration for the film’s outfits

The Costume Designers Guild Awards are fast approaching, and to mark the upcoming honors, MTV chatted with nominee Judianna Makoysky, who is the stylish genius behind the costumes in The Hunger Games movie.

Despite being set in a futuristic society, Makoysky told MTV that she and director Gary Ross chose to root the look of their costumes in classic, mid-century Americana.

View slideshow: ‘The Hunger Games’

“I looked at designers from the ’30s to the ’50s and tried to figure out a way for the costumes to have their own look, but also maintain the feeling of that era,” Makoysky told MTV. “It’s important that the audience can relate to the character, and it’s hard to do that when it’s in some sort of alien world.”

Even when creating the outrageous outfits for Elizabeth Banks’ character, Effie Trinket, Makoysky says she stuck with classic inspiration. “We took a lot of influence from Elsa Schiaparelli because we love the silhouette of the early ’30s and late ’40s, with big puffy sleeves.”

And as for Katniss’s iconic “girl on fire” dress, Makoysky admits veering away from the description in the book.

“It was described [in the book] as being covered in stones,” she said. “I was worried that covering it in stones was too over the top— we really wanted to keep is so Katniss’s natural beauty could shine through, so that it wasn’t the dress that was making her pretty.”

Check out some of Makoysky’s iconic Hunger Games costumes in the slideshow above.

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‘Catching Fire’ wedding dress designer rumors denied

Credits: Iris van Herpen
Credits: Iris van Herpen

‘Catching Fire’ wedding dress designer rumors denied

A report from The Hollywood Reporter claiming that designer Iris van Herpen was creating the Mockingjay wedding dress for Catching Fire has been shot down.

Fashionista reached out to the designer’s publicist, and confirmed that van Herpen is not working on the film at all, or any of the actresses involved in the film.

Fans were excited by the idea of van Harpen creating Katniss’s wedding dress because of the designer’s futuristic, avant garde aesthetic. Some theorize that the rumor was denied because it was leaked prematurely — however, at this point, it seems more likely that costume designer Trish Summerville is behind the wedding dress, as well as all the other costumes in Catching Fire.

Fans have long been fantasizing about what Katniss’s wedding dress will look like in Catching Fire. Many have even created their own drawings or photo manipulations of how they imagine it to look.

Share your thoughts on what Katniss’s wedding dress should look like in the comments below!

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4th annual March of the Zombies fashion show rocks Denver with beauty and brains

Credits: Jess d’Arbonne

4th annual March of the Zombies fashion show rocks Denver with beauty and brains

Last night the fourth annual March of the Zombies fashion show rocked the stage at the Gothic Theatre. Local fashion designers, artists, and bands joined together to raise money for MOTZ organizer Summer Jackson’s new local arts initiative, Creative to Bless, supporting Denver artists and designers. Where beauty met braaaaains, it was one helluva party.

The night began with the music of local Colorado bands Lost Point and  Flash Mob, who tore up the stage and got the crowd rioting for more. Local artists displayed their wares, including Colorado zombie author Brian Kaufman, author of Dead Beyond the Fence; Jewelry artists Junky Funk Designs and Camille Falk Designs; Comic Book Classroom, with this year’s Denver Comic-Con; Ted of Working Class Ink; Live art performers Anthony of Scantiliclad Apparel, Carmine of BLK MTL/A.D.D., and Joe Punicki of Stellar Growl.

The models strutted designs by many of Denver’s best and brightest fashionistas. Seven Seals Apparel, Broken Perception, Kimono Dragons, Julio Alejandro Designs, and of course Summer Jackson and C2B were all represented by the sexy, brain-thirsty models. The zombies wore striking jewelry by local artists Junky Funk Designs and Camille Falk Designs.

Special effects zombie makeup artists Aaron Spriggs and Alan Anderson of Colorado Skin Works decomposed the gorgeous models into gruesome approximations of undeath. The juxtaposition of fashion and gore is what has always made March of the Zombies a unique show, and this year was no exception. Every model had bleeding wounds and bite marks on their faces. On top of that, some of the models were wearing little more than body paint to go along with their gore.

Accompanying the models was DJ M.F. KAAOS, spinning beats to keep the crowd and the zombie models dancing. After the runway show,  A Vast Eclipse took the stage for more musical mayhem. And headlining the show was King Rat, one of the biggest and best punk rock bands in Denver.

With a huge crowd in attendance, MOTZ4 was undeniably a success. The spectators got into the spirit of the event by dressing up as zombies fit to rival the models. The annual show is an example of how zombie pop culture has exploded in the Mile High City, but more importantly, March of the Zombies is always about community. It’s about supporting local art and artists, fostering creativity in our own back yards, and celebrating the work of our friends and neighbors.

And nothing says support for local arts like a horde of fashionably undead zombies.

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‘The Hunger Games’ stars dazzle on Oscars night

‘The Hunger Games’ stars dazzle on Oscars night

They may not have been among the winners or losers at this year’s Academy Awards, but some stars of The Hunger Games movie still dazzled on Oscar night.

Elizabeth Banks (Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games) and Liam Hemsworth (Gale in The Hunger Games movie) both appeared at the Vanity Fair party following last night’s awards ceremony.

Banks wore a green and navy blue polka dot dress, with a feathered bottom. Hemsoworth appeared with girlfriend Miley Cyrus.

Last year, Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence was a Best Actress nominee for her performance in Winter’s Bone. She helped announce this year’s nominees last month.

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‘The Hunger Games’ hair stylist reveals how to re-create Katniss’ look & more

Credits: Lionsgate

‘The Hunger Games’ hair stylist reveals how to re-create Katniss’ look & more

The hair stylist for The Hunger Games has revealed her secrets for creating Katniss Everdeen’s signature braid in the upcoming movie.

“Katniss’ signature braid took about 20 minutes,” Linda Flowers told the Belfast Telegraph.”I first used the TopStyler by InStyler to create texture in her hair then I did a French braid from her left side scooping down her nape and over to the right side. I tried to create something a little more interesting then just a side braid.”

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