Bay Area Indie comic creators Adrian “Age” Scott & Mike Hampton pt.2

Credits: Adrian “Age” Scott

Bay Area Indie comic creators Adrian “Age” Scott & Mike Hampton pt.2

Bay Area Indie comic creators: Adrian “Age” Scott & Mike Hampton pt. 2. After a info packed part one we wrap things up with the creative team discussing their creative history together, their thoughts on the impact of digital comics on the print medium, current projects and advice for those considering taking a creative leap into the field of indie comic creation. Enjoy!

MT: The two of you have a history of creating together, can you share a bit about what projects you have worked on with one another?

MH: Wow, this goes way back, I was working on projects with Age since before I had facial hair. We first worked on Hood Magazine together in the late 90’s (a Hip-Hop version of Mad Magazine) Both of our characters back then had a certain herb characteristic to them in common. Since then, I have contributed to several of Age’s Won & Phil books, doing the digital stuff, doing cover coloring, and interior gray tones. Most recently was Age’s “Won & Phil: Raising Heck” book which was released through Slave Labor Graphics. Age has also contributed a nice zombie gal pin-up to my series finale of Hot Zombie Chicks. Age also has a 1 page story in my upcoming issue of Eagle Eye. Beyond comics we have also worked together over the years in music, doing our slapstick form of comic book hip-hop, releasing albums we sell at the shows, or give away to people who buy our comics.

MT: What kind of impact do the two of you feel digital comics have had on the indie scene? How has it affected your work and how you approach reaching a wider audience?

AS: Digital comics are the future and I embrace it…even if I am kind of slow doing so. Regardless, people will always like to collect the books and have them in their hands. Digital is great but still, we have to have our books in the flesh, or the paper. If you want to compete, you just have to get with the times. I accept it.

MH: You certainly get a lot of people asking if they can get your comic online when you are selling at a convention. In that sense, it’s not great, but overall I think it is just a sign of the times. Everything is going digital so why not comics? It has made me go back to school and learn some more in my Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop programs. It does allow you to reach a larger audience, and so with that, comes putting more thought into my message and intentions of my work.

MT: What are the two of you currently working on? Any plans in the near future to team up on another project? Any public appearances planned for the near future?

AS: I am currently working on Won & Phil…”The CREEPYSHOW.” a spoof of the older horror book CREEPSHOW and SuperHood 3. Mike is working on driving me crazy. (love him tho). Me and Mike always team up on projects…so much we don’t give each other credit. I couldn’t do these books without him. I know we both will be at Big Wow in May, we will be at Sac Con in December and maybe Wondercon. It’s not in the Bay Area right now so I may not go. I think I’ll take the time to work on my cable access show, “Cartooning With Age” and try to channel “Bob Ross with a lil Hip-Hop flair”.

MH: Currently I am working on the 3rd part of my new Eagle Eye & The Quail story which should come out December 9th at the Sac-Con (Sacramento’s quarterly comic convention) and Age has a 1 page story in there which I colored. I release the stories in a collaborative title called “Smash-Bang Pulp” along with Brandon Bracamonte. That same date I am also going to have my first album in 4 years titled Captain A-hole “I’m Really A Nice Guy” which had a fun song with Age and I together. I am also going to be coloring Age’s next Won & Phil book, and that will be his first book in full color. That and a lot of freelance work, like some fighting rpg game, and hopefully some more sketch cards soon.

MT: Any advice for those thinking about becoming indie comic creators?

AS: If you are thinking about coming into comics now, jump in. Its a great time to be in them and don’t wait for conventions to show your book around. Go to your family, friends, street markets, public venues, concerts…anywhere people are at and show your book off. There’s a million things I can recommend for aspiring artist but 1st before you take creating comics seriously, go to a comic store and see what’s NOT being done, then do it. That’s why I started doing a Hip-Hop comic, because its never been done. (I’ve been called the Stan Lee of Hip-Hop, being the 1st to use it as a writing tool) coming in the game today making a new comic about Zombies…well, I wouldn’t do it. Its been done.

MH: We always so don’t do it when this question comes up in an interview… but I won’t say that this time. But, I will say don’t quit your day job until you know you have something lined up that is going to support you. And get involved with your local art community if you can. It’s always easier to do conventions and books when you have a team of people or friends that can help each other out.

MT: Thank you both and we wish you the best in your endeavors, we’ll be sure to stay tuned!

Fans interested in following the latest from Age and Mike, check out: Adrian Age Scott and Mike Hampton.

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