Interview with Mark Poulton, writer of ‘Avengelyne’

Credits: Rob Liefeld and Matt Yackey

Interview with Mark Poulton, writer of ‘Avengelyne’

Mark Poulton is the writer of the monthly AVENGELYNE series from Rob Liefeld’s Extreme line of books published by Image Comics. His credits also include A CAT NAMED HAIKU and KONI WAVES from Arcana Studio. Mark took the time to discuss everything Avengelyne and what fans can look forward to in 2012. Mark, let’s start at the beginning: How did this new AVENGELYNE series come about?

Mark Poulton: It actually started years ago. 2007 to be exact. Rob Liefeld was familiar with me and my work on Koni Waves from his message board. I have been a fan of his work since I started collecting comic books. In fact, his Extreme line was the books that inspired me to want to make comics.

Anyway, Rob was impressed with the name I was making for myself and approached me about doing a new Avengelyne series. He gave me a license to use her in an issue of Koni Waves to get better acquainted with the character and that’s how the Avengelyne vs. Koni Waves oneshot came about. As for the ongoing series, Rob had a specific story he wanted to tell but it took a couple of years to find the right artist for it. A couple of years ago, we thought we had finally found our man, but it didn’t work out and that opened the door for our current artist, Owen Gieni, who has been killing it. December 2010, we finally got the green light to start on the series and we haven’t looked back since.

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