Orlando Harding shares about Revolution Comics latest creation Night Stalker

Credits: Revolution Comics

Orlando Harding shares about Revolution Comics latest creation Night Stalker

Orlando Harding shares about Revolution Comics latest creation Night Stalker. Orlando Harding and Revolution Comics have returned to the industry scene with his newest creation Night Stalker, a supernatural action packed comic set in the streets of San Francisco. Mr. Harding sat down to share with Examiner.com a bit about the ingredients that went into making this latest venture.

 MT: What is your story about?

OH: It’s a story about a bounty hunter-a Night Stalker and her trials and tribulations on Earth while trying to catch absconders from Hell in hiding and passing as human beings. She was created for this very purpose and is the most relentless, methodical, and insidious tracker to ever step foot on the planet. She is as cunning as she is beautiful and does whatever is necessary to complete the task. Night Stalker is a story about her missions and the relationship that she develops with a woman named Michelle who turns out to be her best friend. They play for opposite sides but do not let the politics of light vs. dark interfere with their relationship or their mission on Earth.

MT: What made you want to return to telling a story for Dyana and why set it in San Francisco?

OH: I think that there was a lot of interesting things about her character and her plight. It seemed to draw peoples’ interest when she first appeared in Pariah # 1. We have this woman suffering and close to death that is compelled to tell this story of who she is, where she came from and what is to come. Obviously a lot had transpired before she got to that point and this was an opportunity for me to start telling a history of where she came from and what she had gone through to reach that point in Pariah #1. How does a hardened insidious bounty hunter spawned in the pits of Hell get to the point of obtaining humility, serenity and forgiveness? Let me tell you, it was no small feat and this is an opportunity for people to see her in her prime as she stalks the streets of San Francisco as the most feared predator on the planet. I thought San Francisco would be a great setting for the story because of all the landmarks. San Francisco is where I was born and raised and a city that I think is under-utilized. I use several real landmarks of San Francisco drawn from actual pictures that I took when I was last visiting the city-including the Sunset district and her house on 18th avenue, Ghirardelli square where she meets with her best friend once a week to exchange tales of conquest and adventure and of course the GG Bridge.  Dyana is running around and literally tearing up the city chasing her quarry like a female “Dirty Harry” –who by the way was the inspiration for her “cocky get it done no matter what it takes” attitude.

MT: What or who inspired your creation of the character of Dyana?

OH: Believe it or not “Dirty Harry” the police character played by Clint Eastwood had a huge amount of influence on the character but I took her several steps forward with her chasing around the vilest creatures of the “Under World”. Growing up as a kid I remember watching all of Mr. Eastwood’s  “Dirty Harry” movies but one in particular had a profound impact on me –Serpico. I thought it was the coolest most thrilling kick ass movie of it’s time and have put my own particular spin on her “Dirty Harry” like persona. She is ruthless like “Harry” and doesn’t mind tearing up a city as long as she completes her mission and she even runs around with a big gun in the same fashion that Harry ran around with his ’44 Magnum. I was really trying to come up with something different and unlike other action chick flicks when I created her character. I really believed that this was accomplished and have so much more to tell concerning her back ground and legacy.

MT: Any chance that Pariah will make a guest appearance in the new book?

OH:  No, Pariah is not in this book but I have some plans for them to cross paths in the future. This book really explores a typical week in Dyana’s life and explores how deep the friendship goes between her and Michelle. It also gives an in depth look at Michelle and her own struggles with what she is charged with accomplishing. We see how they “hang out” in Ghirardelli square once per week; just two girls chatting. The hook is what these two are chatting about. Their relationship is complicated but they have a true genuine friendship which is careful not to over step boundaries. One is an Angel and one is a Demon but they still have this strong connection. Now when have you ever heard of anything like that? Their relationship is based on respect and genuineness.

MT:  What was the most challenging part of creating this project after the lessons learned with Pariah?

OH: Coming up with something unique that was just as good as Pariah. Pariah was just the beginning and now people will understand her connection to Pariah and why she ended up the way she did in Pariah #1. Her world is treacherous and filled with carnage yet she manages to thrive in this type of environment while still having lunch once a week to discuss it.

MT: Who’s the creative team on the new book this time around?

OH: Myself, David Miller who worked on the Pariah books, Colorist Paul Little and letterer Kel Nuttal.

MT: What’s next on the radar for Revolution Comics?

OH: Like many emerging creators, I am always hopeful that “Hollywood” might take an interest in the concept of Night Stalker. I imagine a Halle Berry, Gabriel Union or Zoey Saldana playing her character. It was because of a little known film called Star Wars that my imagination was activated. Seeing that movie had me believe that anything was possible. That movie, followed closely by Close Encounters changed my life. I was hooked and loved sci-fi and just want to create cool and compelling characters with compelling stories. I’m sure that George Lucas or Steven Spielberg will be calling me soon (LOL) but until then I am in the development stages of a new book to come out in 2013. And yes the stage will be set in San Francisco. I love the process of creating and am happy that I have found some success.

MT: Where and when can fans pick up Night Stalker?

OH: The first books to hit comic stores will be in May but the main wave will hit all stores in June of 2012.

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