Bilbo Baggins wields a box office Sting to hold ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ at bay

Credits: Warner Bros.
Credits: Warner Bros.

Bilbo Baggins wields a box office Sting to hold ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ at bay

In a theatrical game of Tolkien thrones, first place has been a cinching matter for the Middle Earth franchise. But striving rotations at second place forwards a battle royal plot take these past weeks.

At its third continuing week “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” sustains a winning prominence on ticket-sales. The latest installment adapted from author J.R.R. Tolkien’s seminal book series reached a recent millions on a $29.8 attainment over the recent three-day Dec. 27 to Dec. 29.Paramount’s “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” and Disney’s “Frozen” remain the close runner-ups to the Bilbo Baggins epic. But the week-ago box office-toppling power owned by the comedic story of Ron Burgundy with a claim at $20.1 mil couldn’t run a twopeat at second, or elbow aside dwarves versus Smaug enthusiasms.

Meanwhile, Disney’s current animated movie took back second place at $28.8 million behind Middle Earth franchiser.

The unresoluted dominance by “The Desolation of Smaug” gets a raised-brow shared-experience alongside the revelation that the late 2013s frontrunners composing the buzz hefty talk of Oscar-nominations have began their box office rankings at fifth place.

With Leonardo DiCaprio at the lead star helm, “The Wolf of Wall Street” prefaces a New Year’s entrance with only an $18.5 million accruement. The biopic is the fifth feature that teams director Martin Scorcese and DiCaprio. It’s also eighth in the list of premieres of films that star Leonardo DiCaprio. “Inception” remains his best opening film.

The much-ado speculation for Ben Stiller’s latest starring gig “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” was only able to show a three-day garner of $13. million. With a personal best for film openers on the lead actor shoulders of Ben Stiller, the outstanding comedy “Tropic Thunder” is first off the list. “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” slates at fourth.

A samurai-styled cut away from Oscar Awards contenders was the goal of Universal’s would-be winter blockbuster “47 Ronin” was only able to slice a pie-piece of commercial intake showing $9.8 million. The fantasy energized action-dramatizer had well-known genre-bending star Keanu Reeves to carry its martial arts fare. Instead Universal’s endeavor didn’t curry the hunger for more theatrical adrenalizers within the overlapping fanfared hunger for Smaug-fighting dwarves.

As being a bonus for the Christmas Day movie crowd, both “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and “The Wolf of Wall Street” fell short of holiday expectations.

Down the ranks listing all-time openers on Christmas Day, far down at 15th stands the Walter Mitty adaptation and at barely making 10th is the film based on personal exploits written by Jordan Belfort.

The Christmas best list is topped off at its lead rankings respectively by filmmaker Guy Ritchie’s “Sherlock Holmes”, 2012s “Les Miserable” and the western-vendetta “Django Unchained” from director and producer Quentin Tarrantino.

New Year’s holiday starting on Jan. 1 will present a different alignment of title holders and records makers.

Along the headway going towards a New Year’s holiday crowd, the literature adaptations that lead the commercial pack face off not against a comic book transitioner, but the horror franchise flick “Paranormal Activities: The Marked Ones”.


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Video of Elena’s first moments as a vampire are revealed on CW clip

Credits: CW

Video of Elena’s first moments as a vampire are revealed on CW clip

On Friday, the CW released a clip showing Elena’s first moments as a vampire on the fourth season of “The Vampire Diaries“.

The video may be seen here.

It shows a very concerned Damon and Stefan waiting by Elena’s side. they are both waiting for her to awake and when she does the two fall right into their characters.

Stefan tries to sugar coat the explanation for Elena while Damon shows his anger towards Stefan for saving Matt first.

When she realizes that she is really dead, Elena reacts the way that we expect. She is mad.

But, this season should be really interesting because it has been confirmed that Elena will spend the first part of the season with Stefan and the second part with Damon. The turning point is when her human memories return, the glamouring that Damon did to make her forget that she met him is gone and she remembers their conversation.

This is going to be a very interesting season. What do you think about the video?

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New season 2 zombie photos from ‘The Walking Dead’


New season 2 zombie photos from ‘The Walking Dead’

Just in time for “The Walking Dead“‘s season three preview weekend, AMC has released some stunning new photos of zombies from the second season.

The photos show several of our favorite walkers from season two, including the zombie who pushed his face through the glass of a car windshield to get at Lori, the zombie who brought Dale to his untimely demise, and one of the many zombies who brought an end to poor Jimmy in the RV (don’t worry, no one else remembers Jimmy either).

Looking at the pictures of walkers can make fans a bit nostalgic for the days of zombie attacks on Hershel’s farm, but from the looks of other preview photos, we’ve got plenty of zombie gore and violence coming up in season three to keep us satisfied.

This weekend “The Walking Dead” fans can watch a marathon of the first two seasons of the show, along with previews of the new season. Tune in to AMC at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday for a zombie retrospective on “The Walking Dead” so far

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New ‘The Walking Dead’ photo reveals return of Merle in season 3


New ‘The Walking Dead’ photo reveals return of Merle in season 3

In their continued efforts to shock and tease us all into absolute hysteria before the next season of “The Walking Dead,” AMC has released a new production photo of Michael Rooker as Merle Dixon. That’s right, zombiephiles: Merle is back, and with a vengeance… literally.

This new photo of Merle comes just after the sneak peeks of both Danai Gurira as Michonne and David Morrissey as the Governor. It depicts Merle, sans hand but sporting a new arm accessory in its place, holding his finger to his lips and looking suitably menacing.

Of course this photo of Michael Rooker as Merle raises almost as many questions as it answers. For one, who is he with? Recently we got our first look at David Morrissey as the infamous Governor, the comic book’s most feared villain. Could Merle be hanging out with the main antagonist of the new season? Could he even be the Governor’s right-hand man (pun intended)?

Also, how will Merle’ reappearance affect his brother Daryl? Arguably one of the most interesting new characters in the series (neither Daryl nor Merle appeared in the comic books), Daryl has displayed a pragmatism and a compassion for his fellow survivors that is in direct contrast to the brief glimpse we got of his brother in season one. Could Merle’s return from the dead (well, not in the literal sense, which is also highly likely on “The Walking Dead”) make Daryl turn to the Dark Side?

Fans will have to wait until the fall to find out what this shocking new photo of Michael Rooker as Merle will mean for the series.

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‘Vampire Diaries’ writer talks about roles of Bonnie and Klaus

Credits: CW promo

Vampire Diaries’ writer talks about roles of Bonnie and Klaus

On Tuesday, Julie Plec, the writer for CW’s supernatural show, “Vampire Diaries” discusses the future of two secondary characters, Bonnie and Klaus with

First, she stated that she felt like Bonnie was the hero of the season finale because she came up with a plan that actually worked and saved all of the main character’s lives, well in so many words.

It was her plan to have Klaus inhabit Tyler’s body so that the heroes could survive. She really kicked up her powers and took charge. Damon has said in previous episodes that their plans never work out because Elena seems to screw them up well Bonnie took charge and fixed everything for everyone.

Plec called Bonnie “the shows true hero” because she actually came up with a plan for once that worked as it should be.

But, what about Klaus and his part in this. Well, Plec had said that they had planned on killing him off in the finale but that the viewers really liked the character so they decided to keep him alive, in some form.

But, what does this mean for Klaus next season? Well Tyler will be playing part of Klaus’ parts because Klaus is inside Tyler’s body.

Plec says that Klaus will play a major part in season four and that a lot of it will center on Rebekkah and Tyler.

What are you watching instead of “Vampire Diaries”? What is quenching your thirst?

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