Rescue Bots are Primed for the holiday season

Credits: Brian Thomer
Credits: Brian Thomer

Rescue Bots are Primed for the holiday season

Playskool has released their latest from the “Transformers Rescue Bots” line and these offerings provide no shortage of Optimus Prime! The “Transformers Rescue Bots Optimus Primal” and “Transformers Rescue Bots Epic Optimus Prime” figures are sure to be big hits this upcoming holiday season.

“Optimus Primal” is easily one of the coolest bots available for preschoolers. Standing over 8 inches tall, Primal transforms from Autobot to Tyrannosaurus Rex with just a twist! Then, converts right back to bot with the press of a button. These transformations are simple enough for kids ages 3-7 to master. The figure features very limited articulation to keep it manageable for the recommended age group. There is still plenty to enjoy with this Transformer as kids can activate twenty different phrases and sounds with the press of a button. And the nice thing is that the button is large and sensitive enough for kids to activate it with ease. And one has to love such great lines as “Better drill faster to prevent disaster,” “Let’s stomp, chomp and rescue” and “Good job, team, this threat is now… extinct.” Primal also has a translucent blue Energize Hide activation panels that light up while the phrases/sounds play.

Additionally, Primal’s rescue tool is a drill at the end of his left hand that spins at the press of a button. That is another great aspect of this toy for young kids as it is all one piece. No accessories to worry about being lost or swallowed.

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Comixology’s third annual holiday giveaway is on!

Credits: DC Comics
Credits: DC Comics

Comixology’s third annual holiday giveaway is on!

It’s a digital based 3-years tradition rooted to the classic annual holiday season. Comixology has begun resuming its 12 Days of Free Comics. The third annual giveaway is ongoing from Dec. 11 up to Dec. 22.

Each day a comic book is offered for free from the digital comics distributor.

“It’s been an outstanding year for us at comiXology, and we want every comic fan to help us celebrate with our Third Annual 12 Days of Free Comics,” said comiXology co-founder and CEO David Steinberger. “It’s you, the comics fan, that push us every day to create an even brighter future for comics, graphic novels, and manga worldwide. These comics are for you!

Comixology’s Third Annual 12 Days of Free Comics speaks for itself standing apart from the longer lasting known traditional song that features Geese-a-laying. Really, though, how many 12 Drummers Drumming videos can you watch every year anyways?

The 12 Days of Free Comics has its here and now on comiXology’s publishing site.

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Be Santa’s elf with Build-A-Bear Workshop

Fan-fave Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are one toy representations at Build-A-Bear Workshop Credits:
Fan-fave Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are one toy representations at Build-A-Bear Workshop

Be Santa’s elf with Build-A-Bear Workshop

Whether you are looking for an interactive gift experience or wanting to reward the little one(s) for behaving so well during a day of holiday shopping, Build-A-Bear Workshop has all the current favorites for this holiday season. Stop in any Workshop, including the new pop up store in New York City’s Times Square, to build a bear based on the mega sensation of Disney’s “Frozen” or the multimedia juggernauts “The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” or a Christmas favorite like “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.”

For those unfamiliar, Build-A-Bear Workshop gives you the chance to literally build your own teddy bear right there in the store or you can also order online. Pick out your bear, stuff it yourself, close it up and consider yourself one of Santa’s elves working in his workshop! Build-A-Bear also has plenty of accessories one can add onto the bear, but keep in mind they are sold separately.

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First released earlier this year, “The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” bears sold out of their initial run, but are back and ready for you to choose from Michelangelo, Rafael, Leonardo or Donatello. The “Ninja Turtles” are not the only ’80s hit making a comeback in a new millennium, “My Little Pony” is back in a big way and Princess Celestia is proof positive of that! This royal winged unicorn is one large stuffed animal. One that almost does not fit in the pet carrier that comes with every “Build-A-Bear” animal.

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