Rescue Bots are Primed for the holiday season

Credits: Brian Thomer
Credits: Brian Thomer

Rescue Bots are Primed for the holiday season

Playskool has released their latest from the “Transformers Rescue Bots” line and these offerings provide no shortage of Optimus Prime! The “Transformers Rescue Bots Optimus Primal” and “Transformers Rescue Bots Epic Optimus Prime” figures are sure to be big hits this upcoming holiday season.

“Optimus Primal” is easily one of the coolest bots available for preschoolers. Standing over 8 inches tall, Primal transforms from Autobot to Tyrannosaurus Rex with just a twist! Then, converts right back to bot with the press of a button. These transformations are simple enough for kids ages 3-7 to master. The figure features very limited articulation to keep it manageable for the recommended age group. There is still plenty to enjoy with this Transformer as kids can activate twenty different phrases and sounds with the press of a button. And the nice thing is that the button is large and sensitive enough for kids to activate it with ease. And one has to love such great lines as “Better drill faster to prevent disaster,” “Let’s stomp, chomp and rescue” and “Good job, team, this threat is now… extinct.” Primal also has a translucent blue Energize Hide activation panels that light up while the phrases/sounds play.

Additionally, Primal’s rescue tool is a drill at the end of his left hand that spins at the press of a button. That is another great aspect of this toy for young kids as it is all one piece. No accessories to worry about being lost or swallowed.

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