Marvel teases ‘weapon’ for April 2014, is it a new Iron Fist ongoing?

Credits: Marvel Comics
Credits: Marvel Comics

Marvel teases ‘weapon’ for April 2014, is it a new Iron Fist ongoing?

UPDATE: It was just confirmed that the ‘Weapon’ teaser is of a new Iron Fist ongoing.

Happy New Year! The calendar may have changed but the Marvel Comics teasers keep rolling in. This time we have a single teaser with the word ‘Weapon.’

Usually accompanying the teaser are a team of creators. This is different, as there is only one name — Kaare Andrews. Andrews is a writer and artist who has been on multiple X-Men titles including ‘Ultimate Comics X-Men’ and ‘Astonishing X-Men’ to name a few. So it’s conceivable to believe he will be doing the writing and drawing for this new #1 issue. But what is the book?

It could be a new X-title, considering his history. But ‘weapon’ seems to scream ‘Iron Fist’ to me. We should find out soon as the book comes out in April and solicits should be coming soon.

So stay tuned for more teasers and an update to this story as we get it.

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