Zombie book review: ‘Zone One’ by Colson Whitehead

Credits: Doubleday

Zombie book review: ‘Zone One’ by Colson Whitehead

When Zone One by Colson Whitehead came out in October, like most reading zombiephiles I was a bit perplexed. After all, this was no one-hit-wonder debut novelist writing yet another post-apocalyptic zombie story the likes of which has been seen over and over since the world caught The Walking Dead fever. This was Colson Whitehead, as in “award-winning novelist of best-selling literary fiction” Colson Whithead. And he wrote a book about zombies.

Zone One by Colson Whitehead is literary fiction’s answer to the zombie genre. It’s The Things They Carried with the undead.

The story spans three days in the life of a man nicknamed Mark Spitz, as he and his squad of fellow “sweepers” move through what used to be Manhattan, but now is known only as Zone One. The three-person squad is responsible for cleaning up the last few zombies left in Zone One after a massive military operation has wiped out most of the undead of the city in the first step along the road to reclaiming the world for the living. The zombies (known as “skels” for their skeletal appearance) are only the tip of the horror iceberg, as Mark Spitz reminisces about the time he spent in survival mode, running just one step ahead of death before joining what was left of civilization in recovery.

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Recap of Being Human season two episode one ‘Turn This Mother Out’

Credits: SyFy

Recap of Being Human season two episode one ‘Turn This Mother Out’

This week the first episode of season two of Being Human premiered on SyFy and is titled with ‘Turn this mother out’.

The episode opens with Aidan doing a voice over talking about change and how things can turn at a drop of the hat. Bishop is now dead and his rogue vampires are starving around town and turning to Aidan for help since he is now in charge of Boston because he killed Bishop. But, the problems don’t end there.

Mother, the leader of the vampires have returned to cull the rogue vampires and wants Aidan to do it. When he voices his opinion, she then tells him that if he wants to be free of the council then he must be second in command of her daughter who will be in charge of Boston.

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Fans use clever artwork to create new posters for ‘The Hunger Games’ series

Credit: Tumblr

Fans use clever artwork to create new posters for ‘The Hunger Games’ series

With the final poster for The Hunger Games movie just released, fans know it will be awhile until any new official posters come their way. Luckily, some talented and creative fans have put together their own poster art for The Hunger Games series.

Some fan posters use photo manipulation to create cinematic-looking images, but some of the most clever artists are far more original.

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Blue Beetle #5 hints at ‘Battle for Odym’

Credits: DC Comics

Blue Beetle #5 Hints at ‘Battle for Odym’

Fans of the pre-52 Blue Beetle series may recall the Reach, an intergalactic civilization of world conquerors who harness the Blue Beetle scarabs for their own gain.

They may also recall that they have come into conflict with the Green Lantern Corps for millennia so is it any conincidence that Tony Bedard, the writer of Blue Beetle and Green Lantern: New Guardians, would inevitably cross both books?

Well, issue #5 of Blue Beetle revealed the Reach’s plan (or new one in this case).


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Green Arrow: CW greenlights pilot

Credits: DC Comics

Green Arrow: CW greenlights pilot

Thanks for styling the hood Superman: Earth One, new original graphic novel last year with acclaim and all that. Now a 1941 original requires the image back before he goes live action.

Superhero based television just might return to the CW. The network that soared “Smallville” for ten seasons develops to nock the “Green Arrow” into its primetime line-up.

A step back to near past news that brought to light plans to imprint this green motif crime fighter. One both resourcefully skilled and financially well-resourced to put trick arrows into arresting specialization.

“Green Arrow” is one of a triple set of pilots the CW ordered says The Hollywood Reporter.

Canon wise, Oliver Queen has been the alter ego donning a hood or mask or the mixed guise taking crime quotas down in Star City – the fictionalized home metro since chaptering a debut in More Fun Comics.

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Final poster for ‘The Hunger Games’ movie reveals Katniss taking aim

Credits: Lionsgate

Final poster for ‘The Hunger Games’ movie reveals Katniss taking aim

Lionsgate has released a new poster for The Hunger Games movie, which The Huffington Post calls the final poster before the movie’s March 23rd release.

The poster features a close-up of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, peering out through her bow as she takes aim at the viewer.

Lionsgate has released several posters for The Hunger Games, including eight different character posters, and one that was revealed through 100 virtual puzzle pieces scattered across the web.

Earlier Thursday, Lionsgate also unveiled a new still image from The Hunger Games, showing Katniss and Peeta in their chariot outfits, as Cinna prepares to set them on fire.

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New comic book releases 1/18/12

New comic book releases 1/18/12

New comic book releases for 1/18/12. It is a freezing morning here in the SF Bay Area, great motivation to find something fun to do indoors where it is a bit warmer. Well, doing my part to help the chilled masses out with a solution, here are the releases for this week. So check it out and head on down to you local shop with that pull list. They’ll be glad you stopped by. I promise. So until the next episode…Enjoy!

BATMAN #5     $2.99
BIRDS OF PREY #5  $2.99
BLUE BEETLE #5    $2.99
CAPTAIN ATOM #5   $2.99

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #678       $3.99
AVENGERS #21      $3.99
DAREDEVIL #8      $2.99


CHEW #23  $2.99
ELEPHANTMEN HC VOL 00     $34.99

BACK ISSUE #54   $8.95
BILL GRIFFITH LOST AND FOUND 1970 – 1994 TP       $35.00
CALIGULA #6      $3.99

JUGHEAD #211      $2.99

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CW aims for a Green Arrow pilot

Credits: Scott McDaniel

CW aims for a Green Arrow pilot

TV’s most faithful audience favoring dynamic displays of supersonic speed or titanic powerhouses make up a glass half full watchfullness towards the next superpower to stand the breach made by the final bow of “Smallville” and downfall of “Wonder Woman”.

Many from the medium of comic books are blocking out their viewing schedules to make way for the oncoming “Powers” – which goes low radar on superheroes to follow the two detectives solving their less than samaritan affairs – in the same enthusiasm counting down the days a year gone by with “The Walking Dead”.

Cameos from “Smallville” left readily loyal viewers figuring a spinoff would be an easy concept to implement right away; that a longshot was at least a safer bet – unless the starring crime fighter was the longshot maestro already known as a phenom.

Showrunners Marc Guggenheim (“Law & Order”), Greg Berlanti (“Brothers & Sisters”) and Andrew Keisberg (“The Vampire Diaries”) are designing a pilot for the alter ego billionaire Oliver Queen reports Superherohype.

Yes, what the “Smallville” fandom has been speculating to be an heir apparent tv series in the Green Arrow is underway in the planning. Producers involved root at well-known or Emmy nominated shows, albeit outside the producers that built CW’s ten season mega-hit series.

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‘The Walking Dead’ creator Robert Kirkman writes new comic ‘Thief of Thieves’

Credits: Image Comics

‘The Walking Dead’ creator Robert Kirkman writes new comic ‘Thief of Thieves’

As if he wasn’t busy enough being The Zombie Guy, writing The Walking Dead and overseeing its TV adaptation, as well as penning comic books The Infinite and Super Dinosaur, Robert Kirkman has recently announced that he will be adding a new comic book series to his laundry list of geek-tastic accomplishments.

Robert Kirkman’s Thief of Thieves will be released from Image Comics on February 8th.

Thief of Thieves represents a departure from the supernatural for Kirkman. In an interivew with Entertainment Weekly, the man who introduced the world to the idea of a zombie Western said of the project:

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Gary Ross & Joss Hutcherson reveal details about ‘Catching Fire’ movie

Credits: Catching Fire

Gary Ross & Joss Hutcherson reveal details about ‘Catching Fire’ movie

It’s not official yet, but The Hunger Games director Gary Ross is apparently already working on the upcoming sequel, Catching Fire.

According to the LA Times, Ross is collaborating with author Suzanne Collins and Slumdog Millionare screenwriter Simon Beaufoy on a script for Catching Fire.

The sequel has been given a release date of November 2013, but it seems Lionsgate is waiting to see how The Hunger Games performs at the box office before moving forward with production.

“They want to wait and see how this comes out and does and how much fans like it, and then hopefully we’re going to start on the next one next fall,” Josh Hutcherson, who plays Peeta in the first movie, told E! Online.

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