‘Mythbusters’ wants YOU to help bust some zombie myths

Credits: Discovery Channel

Credits: Discovery Channel

‘Mythbusters’ wants YOU to help bust some zombie myths

Love zombies? Love “Mythbusters“? Then have we got the job for you.

“Mythbusters” is looking for three hundred volunteers to play zombies on an upcoming episode aimed at dispelling myths about what a real zombie outbreak would be like. All zombies must be over the age of 18 and in the San Francisco Bay area throughout the month of February.

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To volunteer for this once in a lifetime opportunity, you can apply online and send a mug shot of yourself to myths.volunteers@gmail.com. But the “Mythbusters” team is expecting a high volume of submissions, so you better apply right away if you want to be considered.

But why does the “Mythbusters” team need zombies, anyway? Well, there are certainly a lot of myths surrounding the zombie… myth… but we can only surmise that the crew of “Mythbusters” is looking to bust myths about the best way to defend yourself against zombies in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Considering they’re asking for human volunteers to act as zombies, and not requesting actual zombies, we think it’s safe to say that no undead experimentation will actually occur on the set of “Mythbusters” this time around.

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Two dystopian YA novels heading to TV: ‘The Selection’ and ‘Delirium’

Credits: Harper Collins

Credits: Harper Collins

Two dystopian YA novels heading to TV: ‘The Selection’ and ‘Delirium’

The popularity of The Hunger Games series is likely inspiring the TV executives who have announced new series based on two other YA dystopian series.

First up, The CW has given another greenlight to a newly revised pilot episode based on The Selection by Kiera Cass, about a futuristic society in which 25 young women compete for the affections of a prince to be their kingdom’s next queen.

Fox also announced this week that it would be adapting Lauren Oliver’s Delirium for television — a switch from the studio’s original plans to make a movie.

“Fox, which initially optioned the books for film, decided that due to the complexity of all the side plots and characters, the Delirium series might be better suited for TV, as we’d have a chance to explore all of those elements,” Oliver wrote on her Tumblr. “I am super psyched because that has always been my preference.”

No word yet on when Delirium might hit the small screen. The process for developing a TV series is not fast, and will involve script development and casting, before the studio must decide whether to even order a pilot episode.

The CW rejected the original pilot created for The Selection, but has ordered a new pilot after the show was recast and rewritten. It still does not have an air date.

Both series have drawn comparisons to The Hunger Games for its dystopian themes and strong female lead characters.

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Marvel teases possible survivors of ‘Age of Ultron’

Credits: Marvell Comics

Credits: Marvell Comics

Marvel teases possible survivors of ‘Age of Ultron’

It wouldn’t be a week without Marvel teasing some new book or event and here right on cue, Marvel has released two images with the header, “Submit or Perish: Who will return from the Age of Ultron?”.

One image shows General Ross AKA the Red Hulk while the other has Black Widow in a post-apocalyptic world where the super powered robot, Ultron, has taken over the world.

We already know there is a small faction of heroes and anti-heroes who will be heading an assault on Ultron. But the Red Hulk and Black Widow was not mentioned as part of that group.

What part will they play in this event? Find out this March as Age of Ultron sweeps through the Marvel Universe.

And be sure to check back all week as more teasers will sure be released.

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Review: Not gory, Dracula World Order a fang galore

Credits: The World Will Bleed

Credits: The World Will Bleed

Review: Not gory, Dracula World Order a fang galore

By the numbers, there’s at least one paranormal series per broadcast channel and on a goodly number of cable networks (drama based and dabbles by a few reality tv based). ” Once Upon a Time” (ABC).” Grimm” (CBS). SyFy entertains with it just within half their original series when not simply science fiction.

Everywhere media exists, there you can find a paranormal frontline. Bookstores. Web series. Multiplexes. Name it and you’ll locate some apparition of the genre.

Then comic book stores – yes, this is a fount of urban fantasy and supernatural beings overtaking spy-thrillers, crime dramas and even the mogul genre of capes and crime fighters.

Where superheroes have their flagship paragons, paranormal has its older and old world icons both soaring when not shape-shifting or besides mesmerizing noggins.

Dracula stands on a higher podium from a comparison of grand images. So many interpretations have come to begin storylines that it seems like a free-for-all that ultimately prompts a go big or go home plot and story.

Opening with bloodiness, royalty and a too-easy alliance, Dracula World Order prices its story around a grand reach that a famed infamous has won. A global span of a modern day Transylvania s places the First of the Order of Dracul at a seat of vampire tyranny and the only caste by blood living by significant rights.

We meet a hunter against the bloodsucker hieararchy, a human fringe experiment for soldier ranks of the vampire army and the rebellious Prince Alexandru, only son and eternal heir-apparent to Dracula’s throne.

DWO comes right around pulling no punches. The action-horror drama gets a card somewhere between starringwrestling pro John Cena and a near miss reaching the Golden Gloves.

More of a character story, the progress bases on plot designation.

The one-shot graciously moves at a standard pace. The fills of its pages utilizing wide and regular panels with the practiced form of its writer Ian Billing(Freelancers). The book trades over speed bumps for speedy excess points by Billing, who premises the first of this independent publication as a one-shot and a platform for a series told without instant sequence.

This is a die-hard’s book. The ever reader of vampire tales has plenty to enjoy and a few things to overlook. Such as how the vampire hunter comes off as a nine-to-fiver freelance with conviction rather than a freedom fighter for a serious cause. We scan a scant scenario aligning Mai, where she has serpent like looks and anamorphic powers. The main star is the concientous scion of Dracula who conveys both the hunter’s conviction and overwrites motivation for Mai — and they’re off to see a revolution.

The World Will Bleed’s initial comic book series has enough for the casual reader to take on cover to cover. After that the flirtation with the ongoing series may only continue due to the patchwork sequence Billings self-professes in afterword will engage Dracula World Order in consecutive, stand alone one-shots.

Dracula World Order

Writer: Ian Brill

Artist: Tonci Zonjic (Chapter 1), Rahsan Ekedal (Chapter 2), Declan Shalvey (Chapter 3), Gabriel Hardman (Chapter 3)

Colorist: Stephen Downer (Chapter 2), Jordie Belair (Chapter 3)

Letterer: Josh Krach Cover Artists: Declan Shalvey & Jordie Belair

(Purchase Dracula World Order here)

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‘Catching Fire’ wedding dress designer rumors denied

Credits: Iris van Herpen

Credits: Iris van Herpen

‘Catching Fire’ wedding dress designer rumors denied

A report from The Hollywood Reporter claiming that designer Iris van Herpen was creating the Mockingjay wedding dress for Catching Fire has been shot down.

Fashionista reached out to the designer’s publicist, and confirmed that van Herpen is not working on the film at all, or any of the actresses involved in the film.

Fans were excited by the idea of van Harpen creating Katniss’s wedding dress because of the designer’s futuristic, avant garde aesthetic. Some theorize that the rumor was denied because it was leaked prematurely — however, at this point, it seems more likely that costume designer Trish Summerville is behind the wedding dress, as well as all the other costumes in Catching Fire.

Fans have long been fantasizing about what Katniss’s wedding dress will look like in Catching Fire. Many have even created their own drawings or photo manipulations of how they imagine it to look.

Share your thoughts on what Katniss’s wedding dress should look like in the comments below!

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Till Death do us part: ‘Dead Island’ hosts contest for zombie-themed wedding

Credits: Jess d'Arbonne

Credits: Jess d’Arbonne

Till Death do us part: ‘Dead Island’ hostos contest for zonbie-themed wedding

Video game developer Deep Silver is hosting a contest to win a zombie-themed wedding in honor of the upcoming release of “Dead Island: Riptide.”

Yes that’s right: now you can have the zombie wedding you always wanted! All you have to do is a) Be a really big fan of “Dead Island“, and b) record a video explaining why you and your fiance are the ideal undead candidates for a zombie wedding ceremony.

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From Deep Silver’s explanation of the contest:

“The search for two engaged ‘Dead Island’ superfans who will be zombified for a Dead Island twist on a traditional beach wedding ceremony takes in every cemetery, grave and crypt the length and breadth of the UK. In return for becoming the official Dead Island Riptide zombie bride and groom, Deep Silver will host a Dead Island Riptide-themed zombie wedding ceremony and send the winning undead couple on a luxury Caribbean honeymoon.”

So let’s review: you can win an all-expenses-paid beach wedding and Caribbean honeymoon… with zombies. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Y’know, as long as you’re an insanely dedicated fan of all things zombie.

Applicants are encouraged to record a short video message to YouTube explaining why they are the ideal undead candidates for the ceremony, and to share the link via the official “Dead Island: Riptide” Zombie Wedding page on Facebook.

“Dead Island: Riptide” is the follow-up to 2011’s wildly successful “Dead Island” zombie video game. It picks up right where “Dead Island” left off, with the four survivors stranded on the island of Palanai after it has been overrun by zombies. The wedding contest is a way to celebrate the release of “DI: Riptide.”

I suppose there are worse ways to interpret “till death do us part.”

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First Look: Nova #1

Credits; Marvel.com

Credits; Marvel.com

First Look: Nova #1

One of the lasting effects of Avengers vs. X-Men was the introduction of a brand new Nova.

Sam Alexander burst onto the Marvel scene and will be getting his own ongoing series in February.

Join the creative team of Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness as they explore Sam’s origins, his connection to the Guardians of the Galaxy and the mystery of the Nova Corps.

View slideshow: First Look: Nova #1

Check out the unlettered preview in the slideshow section and let us know what you think. Are you excited for this title? Sound off in the comments section below.

NOVA #1 (DEC120602)

Written by JEPH LOEB

Art & Cover by ED MCGUINNESS

FOC—1/28/13, On-Sale- 2/20/13

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