‘Lost Girl’ season five to be the show’s last

SyFy promo
SyFy promo

‘Lost Girl’ season five to be the show’s last

Anna Silk, who plays Bo on the Canadian show, “Lost Girl” announced that the upcoming season five will be the shows last season. Anna mentioned on EW that:

“Honestly, I thought we might get one more, but I knew that this could be the last season… It’s time, in a way. In terms of the story, I think we could have done another. But I’m happy that we’re saying goodbye in a particularly strong season, and I’m pleased that we’re gonna go out with a bang.”

Anna stated that season five will be a search to gt back Kenzi and to see if Bo ends up with Lauren or Dyson. She says that she wishes that Bo can see her true power as a human and a succubi. It has been confirmed that Bo goes to hell to try and rescue her friends and that the final season will be more action packed than normal and that it will go out with a bang!

Barbara Williams, Senior Vice President, Content, Shaw Media said,

“The massive popularity of Lost Girl is a testament to the inventive and hard-working team at Prodigy Pictures, the magnetic and talented cast and the most devoted and passionate fan base in Canadian television. We’re so proud that Showcase has been the home to this landmark series and we look forward to sharing these final 16 episodes with the show’s fans.”

The final season will be 16 episodes and begin on December 7th Canada but SyFy has yet to announce the cancellation or if they will even pick up the last season.

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Peter Parker has an ‘Original Sin’

Credits: Marvel Comics
Credits: Marvel Comics

Peter Parker has an ”Original Sin’

UPDATE: Check out the Comments section for a note from “Amazing Spider-Man” writer Dan Slott.

Today at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, Marvel Comics announced their Spider-Man tie-in to their currently running “Original Sin” event. “Original Sin” is the story of Uatu the Watcher’s murder and the release of all his collected knowledge as a result. Throughout the course of the event, many dark secrets from Marvel‘s past are revealed about its heroes.

All of Marvel’s major titles tie-in to the mega event, with each book revealing some previously unknown “sin” from the hero’s past. Spider-Man is no different. As it turns out, there was someone else who was bitten by the very same radioactive spider as Peter all those years ago. That character is named Silk and from the look of that teaser image, Parker is responsible for what happened to her.

There is only one problem with that. Peter Parker already has an “original sin.” And to suggest there is any deeper, darker sin from Spider-Man’s early days undermines the character at its very core. When Parker was first bitten by that radioactive spider and granted extraordinary abilities, he did not immediately set out to become a super-hero. He used those abilities to achieve personal fame and fortune. It was only after his original sin of arrogantly allowing a burglar he could have easily stopped escape, who then went on to murder Parker’s beloved Uncle Ben, did Peter learn the lesson that “with great power there must also come great responsibility.”

That is a line taken right from Spider-Man’s first appearance in “Amazing Fantasy” #15, it does not get any more “original” than that. If you have read any of Spidey’s hundreds of comic books, watched any of his cartoon series or any of the billion dollar grossing film franchise, you have heard that tagline, “with great power, comes great responsibility.” This adage has become synonymous with the character. The death of his uncle rocked Peter and his family to their foundation and forever altered the course of his life. Leading to a lifetime of heroism. As a result, any other “sin,” can not be anywhere near as significant as Peter Parker’s true original sin.

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Jennifer Lawrence’s week in awards, memes and ‘slavery’ controversy

Credits: Lionsgate
Credits: Lionsgate

Jennifer Lawrence’s week in awards, memes and ‘slavery’ controversy

It’s been a headline week for The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence.

First, the actress won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for her role in American Hustle. It’s her second year-in a row winning a Globe; last year, she took home the award for Best Actress for Silver Linings Playbook.

Of course, the night of Globes was not all about victory for Lawrence. Her white with black trim Dior gown spawned an Internet meme, after viewers took to the Internet to compare the dress to the outfit Ariel wears when she first gets legs in The Little Mermaid.

Since then, tons of people (including a few famous faces), have posted photos of themselves in their own home-made recreations of the dress (most often using a white bed sheet and two black belts).

Lawrence also nabbed headlines for her Golden Globes red carpet photo-bombing of singer Taylor Swift.

More recently, Lawrence has been at the center of a controversy surrounding her American Hustle director David O. Russell, who came under fire for comparing Lawrence’s treatment on The Hunger Games sets to “slavery.”

“I personally think they should give her a bit of breathing room over there because they’re [Lionsgate] printing money,” Russell told The Daily News. “I’ll tell you what it is about that girl – talk about ‘12 Years Of Slavery,’ that’s what the [‘Hunger Games’] franchise is — and I’m going to get in so much trouble for saying that.”

Russell has since issued an apology, after the comment drew massive criticism. “Clearly, I used a stupid analogy in a poor attempt at humor,” Russell said in a statement. “I realized it the minute I said it and I am truly sorry.”

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‘Being Human’ to return to SyFy on Jan. 13

Credits: SyFy
Credits: SyFy

‘Being Human’ to return to SyFy on Jan. 13

SyFy is bringing the fourth season of “Being Human” back on Jan 13. The show will pick up four months after last season’s finale.

Josh is still stuck in his wolf form and Nora and Aidan are trying to save him.

Aidan will run into what appears to be his ex wife and will cause him to make a lot of tough choices. These poor vampires can never have any peace or love.

Sally is in this balck death hole with the witch Donna and she is trapped there. But, Sally finds that she has magical powers of her own.

The past seasons of “Being Human” have been very strong and there is hope that in 2015 there will be a fifth season but it is too eary to tell.

It’s counterpart and predecessor on BBC ended last March with it’s fifth season being it’s last. But, that show suffered from entire cast changes and weak viewing times.

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The 6 Most-Anticipated 2014 YA Book-to-Movie Adaptations

Credits:The Weinstein Company / Summit Entertainment / Twentieth Century  Fox / Lioonsgate
Credits:The Weinstein Company / Summit Entertainment / Twentieth Century
Fox / Lionsgate

The 6 Most-Anticipated 2014 YA Book-to-Movie Adaptations

2013 was a big year for YA book-to-movie adaptations, with blockbuster hits like The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, more moderately-received adaptations like The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and the latest Percy Jackson, and box office flops like Beautiful Creatures.

Despite the mixed bag of 2013, the next year has more opportunities for YA movie adaptations to shine, with several new films slated to hit the big screen and even more in development for future release.

The six most-anticipated YA movie adaptations of 2014 include the next film in The Hunger Games franchise, as well as several other highly-anticipated adaptations. Check out the attached list for a closer look at all six films, then let us know which one(s) you’re most looking forward to in the comments below.

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Santa nerd clause: Holiday shopping guide for geek culture

Credits: USAopoly
Credits: USAopoly

Santa nerd clause: Holiday shopping guide for geek culture

A zombie rendering rush can consume us from out of the Holiday season. One that isn’t the feverish hurry by any procrastinative buyer. Though they can uncover some great finds too.. But if your not bitten by the laissez faire considerer, then there is that horde of searches looking for that just right gift. That underliner tending to match up towards the interest of a well-known friend or family.

Hear that exhaustive sigh moaning along an online search that almost turned up the right gift? It could’ve escaped out of you. The fever is spreading. Before it becomes all-consuming of your time and effort, here’s an eclectic list on the accompanying slideshow that fits the geek cultural in your circles and overlaps into just being a unique gift suiting any pop culture tastes.

All while the zombie part goes the modern gift mode.

And for the traditional sort, the finality of Jan. 6 extends the buying time.

Holiday Shopping: Geek Guide List

Cultural pop: Exhibit culminates comics and pop culture around African-Americans

Credits: Geppi's Entertainment Museum / Facebook
Credits: Geppi’s Entertainment Museum / Facebook

Cultural pop: Exhibit culminates comics and pop culture around African-Americans

There are comics milestones, was once a Milestone Comics and now a celebrative exhibit of cultural Milestones in comics. In Baltimore the famous fixture of Geppi’s Entertainment Museum has begun a special multi-media exhibit highlighting the African-American contributions and characters in superheroes and pop culture.

From their press release Melissa Geppi-Bowersox, President of G.E.M., states:

“We are thrilled to be showcasing such an extraordinarily diverse collection of artistic pieces in so many different mediums within the Museum. There are some truly amazing comics, designs, drawings, paintings and programming that have been set for this exhibit, and Geppi’s Entertainment Museum is proud to be the sole exhibitor for such a terrific group of artists.”

Curators Michael Davis and Tatiana El-Khouri have organized a broad display from several artists that includes the artwork of Denys Cowan, Don McGregor, Shawn Martinbrough, Micheline Hess and even the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention.

Milestones: African Americans in Comics, Pop Culture, and Beyond led off on Dec. 14th and will continue on into early 2014.

“The true beauty of this exhibit is the moment when race and color become obsolete, and you see the creative genius of the amazing worlds established that are mainstream.”

The exhibit’s wide multi-media selection of pop cultural aspects goes from the past up to present day’s internet showcasings in G.E.M.’s “Milestones”.

“African-Americans have made an indelible mark on the pop culture and entertainment landscape in front of the camera, behind the scenes, on the stage and in the recording booth. Although not as widely known, this is equally true in the world of comic books, where a renaissance of Black writers and artists are creating new characters and telling unique stories that are reaching larger audiences than ever before. As a lifelong comic book nerd, it’s my greatest pleasure to showcase the art from my digital graphic novel Tainted Love within the Milestones exhibit at Geppi’s Entertainment Museum. This labor of love has enabled me to bring together some of my favorite artists who are leading the charge in creating increased diversity within the industry.” says Orlando Jones, currently co-starring on the hit FOX series “Sleepy Hollow”.

On Friday Dec. 13, a grand opening for the exhibit was held at Geppi’s Entertainment Museum. A large turnout was massed throughout the exhibit. Special guests appearing spotlights the artist themselves, and even one multi-media participation openned and continues with Wayne Brady in a clip from the filming on “Let’s Make a Deal” with a special approbation of the exhibit.

“From movies to film, from music to art, from graphic novels/comic books to TV, and from politics to sports, all aspects of America’s pop culture contain different aspects of the African-American viewpoint,” says Exhibit Curator and Milestone Media co-founder Michael Davis. “America has changed, and the attitudes about Black people and their limitless creativity touch, embrace, or lead all aspects of culture.”

Milestones: African-Americans in Comics, Pop Culture, and Beyond will end on April 1 of 2014.

“I’m especially excited that young people of color will see themselves represented in so many different ways,” added Tatiana EL-Khouri, Co-Curator. “This show may well influence future careers in comics, and perhaps even fine art. We have significantly made enormous strides to find a place within society, and I’m so excited to be in these times where we are now being nationally recognized in every field.

In so many ways, African-American culture has always been a part of pop culture, and curating this exhibit will be one of the most significant things that I do in my lifetime.”

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Josh Hutcherson to host ‘Saturday Night Live’ on Nov. 23rd


Josh Hutcherson to host ‘Saturday Night Live’ on Nov. 23rd

Hunger Games fans will want to set their DVRs for the November 23rd episode of “Saturday Night Live,” when Catching Fire star Josh Hutcherson hosts for the very first time.

His episode airs just one day after Catching Fire hits theaters. Earlier this year, co-star Jennifer Lawrence hosted ‘SNL,’ with her episode including a skit based on The Hunger Games. One of the jokes poked fun at Hutcherson’s oft-noted height difference (he’s considerably shorter than the actress).

It’s likely another Hunger Games-related skit will be included in the show. In fact, especially given the release of Catching Fire, it would be shocking if the “SNL” crew did NOT feature a skit about The Hunger Games.

Hutcherson will be joined on “SNL” by musical guest HAIM. One week earlier, Lady Gaga plays double duty on the show as both host and musical guest.

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Free vampire magazine released just in time for Halloween

Credits: Sufi Mohamed
Credits: Sufi Mohamed

Free vampire magazine released just in time for Halloween

IndieJudge.com announced yesterday on their website that they just released their second edition of their digital magazine online yesterday. This edition focused on the movies, lore and legend of the vampire.

The magazine featured articles, interviews and reviews from vampire authors Stavros, Charles E. Butler, Bertena Varney, Andrew Boylan, Caroline Stikklebroek, David MacDowell Blue, Lachelle Redd, Mo Hussain, Roger Koch, and Scarlette D’Noire. There are also some very intriguing reviews from film critics Seung-woo Baek and Helen Marukh.

Sufi Mohamed is the creator and editor in chief of this wonderful magazine and is also a graduate student in media studies at the University of Luzern in Zurich Switzerland.

When asked about vampires he had this to say about the ever evolving monster:

For me, the vampire is as immortal to popular culture as its nature and symbolizes lust, adventure, and seduction. The vampire is topical, has always been topical throughout time and perhaps there’s a reason, as Caroline explained. The vampire embodies a consciousness that we need, another that exists within and beyond us, both human and yet not at all. A vampire is not only a monster it’s a part of us.

The magazine was Sufi’s creation but he met up with another vampirologist named Anthony Hogg, with whom he credits for assisting him in this edition.

This magazine is a digital edition that is provided for free for your reading. It really brings together some of the world’s well known vampirologists and enthusiasts.

So, please take time and download this wonderful vampire magazine just in time for Halloween. Simply click here and it’s yours.

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Marvel announces ‘Iron Patriot’ series

Credits: Marvel Comics
Credits: Marvel Comics

Marvel announces ‘Iron Patriot’ series

Last weekend at the New York Comic-Con, Marvel announced a new “Iron Patriot” series, beginning in March 2014. The new series will star Philadelphia native and long time Iron Man ally, Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes. The title will be written by Ales Kot (“Secret Avengers,” “Suicide Squad”) with art by Garry Brown.

Launching as part of the All-New Marvel NOW! event, Rhodes is taking over the mantle formerly held by Norman “Green Goblin” Osborn during the “Dark Reign” story line. Rhodey hopes to live up to the name of Iron Patriot, while removing the tarnish placed on the armor by his predecessor.

Rhodes’ new mission statement, firmly established in “Iron Patriot” #1 …

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